Meet The Candidates

The candidates for St John’s Council have been busy this year – not only have they been going door to door, leafleting etc – they have also responded publicly to at least 40 questions from the press, the public and organizations. We have provided links to all of it we could, divided into four sections (below)

Q & As (Video and text) organized by Happy City

Three key issues briefly explored by experts and advocates – in collaboration with the CBC

Candidate profiles, Q & As and analysis from other media and organizations

Who is running where, with links to our own profiles

Happy City has profiled several of the candidates (all have been offered this opportunity) and ran two virtual “Town Halls” for the Councillor at Large candidates which you can watch below:

Tom Davis, Debbie Hanlon, Meghan Hollett, Anne Malone, Steve Parsons and Greg Smith

Note: this video starts at question 2 as the first question related to the sale of Catholic Church properties and was triggering to those affected. We withdrew that question in the second night and apologize for the hurt caused.

Maggie Burton, Ron Ellsworth, Sandy Hickman, Mark House, and Jess Puddister

We posed five questions to them from those that were sent in. As you will see below, each of them has been asked to respond publicly to at least 40 questions already, so in the end although we collected further questions we did not put more to the At Large candidates.

The text of the questions and answers given by the candidates in that forum is now available here. You can skip directly on the page to the topics that matter to you:

  1. Requiring city contractors to pay a living wage
  2. Making the city more accessible
  3. Supporting community groups (tackling cost of required insurance for gatherings)
  4. The future of transit in the city
  5. Budgeting priorities given funding pressures

We also sent three questions for the ward candidates – there are too many for us to host individual ward Town Halls. Unfortunately due to pressure of time we sent them on Sunday. Derek Winsor (a candidate for Ward 2) sent us these responses (he also provided us with a profile earlier in the campaign and was interviewed in The Independent alongside other Ward 2 candidates).

Thank you to all of the members of the public and organizations who shared your questions with us!

Taxation, Housing and Transit

We collaborated this year with the CBC to give guest experts and advocates the chance to weigh in on the issues this election.

The first of these was Justin Lee, who discussed taxation

The second of these was from Hope Jamieson, a recent St John’s councillor now NL project manager at the Community Housing Transformation Centre.

The last is from David Brake, the head of the Essential Transit Association (and a Happy City board member) on the need for the city to make it easier to get around.

Candidate profiles, Q & As and analysis from other media and organizations

Various media outlets and organizations are also running pieces and approaching candidates about the issues – we will try to provide links to related stories below. If you are a media outlet and have published something relevant please let us know.

Stay tuned to our social media or our mailing list for more details!

Media and non-profit organizations:
The Independent has a special section on the election including policy related articles and responses to a series of policy questions posed to almost all candidates (including the Major, Deputy and Ian Froude in Ward 4 who will be re-elected without competition). For those who like their news in audio, they put out an hour-long podcast episode about municipal issues on the 23rd.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business asked all city candidates a number of business-related questions.

Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador posed nine cycling-related questions to all candidates

The St John’s Status of Women Council asked candidates questions about housing and accessibility, gender-based violence and a feminist approach to budgeting, and making it easier for marginalized people to participate in decision making and equitable, feminist leadership. There’s more information on their surveys here.

Mental health advocate Kristi Allan asked all candidates, “which initiatives would you work towards that would positively impact the mental health outcomes of St. John’s residents and city workers?”

The Telegram has a two part series on accessibility in St John’s (not paywalled)

Accessibility has come a long way in St John’s, but it still has far to go (Pt 1)
Unhappy trails: how an ambitious St. John’s bike plan went off the rails (Pt 2)

They also asked all candidates what they would like to see happen to Mile One

St. John’s doesn’t like bikes. Here’s why its cycling plan needs to change lanes – Opinion piece on CBC

St. John’s is phasing out corporate and union election donations. What reforms could come next? – CBC Weekend Briefing by John Gushue

The candidates and our profiles

Here are the people running for office in this 2021 municipal election. Italics means that the person is the incumbent.

Mayor (Acclaimed)
Danny Breen

Deputy Mayor (Acclaimed)
Sheilagh O’Leary

Councillor at Large
Maggie Burton (profile)
Sandy Hickman

Debbie Hanlon (profile)
Meghan Hollett (profile)
Anne Malone (profile)
Jess Puddister (profile)
Greg Smith (profile)
Tom Davis (profile)
Ron Ellsworth (profile)
Steve Parsons (profile)
Paul Combden
Mark House (profile)
Raymond Petten

Ward 1
Jill Bruce (profile)
Jenn Deon (profile)
Mark Nichols (profile)

Ward 2
Ophelia Ravencroft (profile)
Art Puddister
Peter Whittle (profile)
Derek Winsor (profile)

Ward 3
Jamie Korab
Greg Noseworthy (profile)
Walter Harding (profile)

Ward 4 (Acclaimed)
Ian Froude (profile)

Ward 5
Donnie Earle
Carl Ridgeley (profile)
Scott Fitzgerald (profile)
Brenda Walsh

Incumbents who have decided not to run again:
Ward 1: Deanne Stapleton
Ward 2: Shawn Skinner
Ward 5: Wally Collins