Meet The Candidates: Walter Harding For Ward 3

Meet Walter Harding! He is running in Ward 3 & has lived in the ward with his wife for a combined 80 years.

I grew up in a family of 7. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and we were raised by our Mother who worked tirelessly for many years working 3 jobs in the medical field. My family moved to Ontario when I was very young but as I had deep roots set in sports teams, was working and was attending University at night I never made the trip with my family. My lovely wife and I met in 1990, married in 1999, we have no children and I just finished up a 35-year career at The Royal Garage Limited. My wife and I work very hard to help our city and residents and have been organizing successful community team ups for 25 years. I was honored to accept ” Citizen of the Year ” in 2015. To this day my wife Kimberly and I continue to do what we can to make our city a lovely place to live.

We asked Walter why he decided to run for Council:

I’m running for my Ward 3 seat on council because serving others is what I was put on this Earth to do. I am a very meticulous person whose constitution commands that I go the extra mile and I really enjoy doing whatever I can to make people’s lives a little more manageable and a little less stressful every day. I was raised to be polite, caring, compassionate and supportive and I treat people with the greatest of respect. I would be extremely honoured to be given the gift of serving the people of our Ward 3 for the next four years on a FULL TIME basis, seven days per week. I will be at City Hall ready to serve in any way I possibly can and I look forward speaking with my Ward 3 neighbours on a regular basis. I believe my work ethic and caring nature will suit me very well when dealing with my Ward 3 constituents concerns. I am very proud, honoured and humbled to have offered myself as our Ward 3 councillor.

You can reach out to Walter via his email or on Twitter.