Meet The Candidates: Tom Davis For Councilor At Large

Meet Tom Davis! He is running for Councillor at Large.

I have 3 amazing, adult children with my wife, Bev Moore Davis.  I have been self-employed my entire adult life including creating Frontline Action, which  I have run for 27 years. I know firsthand the importance of fiscal responsibility.  I completed my Bachelor of Commerce in 1994 while building my business and I returned to MUN last September to finish my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics and convocated May 2021.I have studied, lived, and been an advocate for physically, mentally, and financially healthier living my entire life.My wife and I have been strong advocates for child abuse prevention, support, and awareness through the Miles for Smiles Foundation and work on having child abuse prevention integrated into our education system. . I have been a Big Brother and board member of the Velocity Program( Past program of Thrive) We have also seen firsthand the impacts of addictions, eating disorders, and other mental health challenges on people we care about.

We asked Tom why he decided to run for council:

During Snowmageddon I was frustrated by our failure as a city to get all hands on deck to reopen the city.  At the time I called for all available private resources to be utilized to speed up the process.  This was not done and as a result, the state of emergency lasted days longer than it should have with a strong negative impact on small businesses and their employees.  Since 2002, city spending has increased by 115% along with the value of our homes and the oil boom.  It became obvious to me that Covid is damaging the world’s economies which will further exacerbate our province’s precarious fiscal situation.  People on fixed incomes, struggling small businesses, and those financially affected by Covid cannot afford to pay more taxes. I believe we have to reduce our spending and this will involve very tough choices.  We do not generally elect people who are prepared to make unpopular and difficult decisions.  This is why I have stepped up to represent our collective long-term best interests.

If you would like to get in touch with Tom you can do so by email Twitter or Facebook.

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