Meet The Candidates: Steve Parsons for Councillor At Large

Meet Steve Parsons! He is running for Councillor At Large and lives in Ward 1.

I’m a very unique candidate. I’ve lived a very interesting life. I started out my post-secondary training at MUN doing Political Science and History with my sights set on Law school. As there were enough Lawyers in the family I changed my direction, took my credits and applied them towards completing a course of study in a division of Communications at NSCAD University in Halifax. I can’t say enough about the creative thinking, brainstorming and perception techniques taught there, they teach you to view problems and find solutions in ways others would never think of. I’ve also completed the studies in the Canadian Securities Course (for Financial Advisors and Planners) and completed the Newfoundland Realtor’s Course. I’m quite able to read balance sheets and understand real estate/land regulations. I’ve been a professional Musician and going to NSCAD have done Art History, Photography and many Cultural Influence/Semiotics courses. I completed the Heavy Equipment/Class 1 Driver Training Course and have been employed by the Public Works Dept. of the City of St. John’s Municipal Govt for coming up on a decade, mowing the Sports Fields/Parks of the city and clearing the snow from the streets and sidewalks. I’ve always been interested in Politics, World Affairs and our place (the city and NL) in that universe.

We asked Steve why he decided to run for council:

As an employee with the City of St. John’s, I get to see our strengths and weaknesses first hand, applied in practice. I get to hear the praise and complaints of the public first hand, also. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my decade with the corporation, some good, some bad as is to be expected with all growing corporations. In my opinion, we have reached the point in that growth referred to as the law of ‘diminishing returns’, where changes have to be enacted or the performance on the continued path produce less return on increased investment. I’ve discussed my solution for this on my site, briefly it consists of a corporate restructuring to produce real efficiencies through removing the level of existing divisional compartmentalization that impedes creation of those efficiencies. Once this is done synergies between overlaps in departments can be exploited for savings. The key is putting the competent and effective people within the organization in positions who can accomplish this. I’m greatly troubled by the increased burden our tax rates are placing on seniors, low income persons, young families and our business community. We have to address this problem immediately through making discounts available where possible, deferring taxes and ensuring a balanced budget that can accommodate this. Through divisional efficiencies, we can continue the established levels of service improving on scheduling and execution. The problems of public housing and community services have to be improved to help solve our growing disparities and the City can help this process greatly by legislation and combined initiatives between the City and private organizations who are well-positioned and have levels of expertise that can be leveraged to ensure success. The future for our beautiful city is bright but it requires attention now to prevent future problems such as unfunded liability debt from an unhedged pension plan, failure to decipher the effects of climate change agendas on the tax base and funding from other govts and staffing problems that may result from the current health climate to name a few. I’m not the ‘typical’ candidate, I want a full time council operating in chambers as much as possible, dealing with issues. I also want all members to be subjected to recall legislation that provides the taxpayer with recourse to any failures to perform by council members and have developed plans accordingly. On September 28th to keep taxes in check, and ensure services are maintained with transparency and accountability, I would appreciate your support. Thank you.

If you would like to get in contact with Steve, you can do so by email, website or on

2 thoughts on “Meet The Candidates: Steve Parsons for Councillor At Large

  1. S Parsons says:

    What a beautiful photograph! Cabot Tower standing like a guarding sentinel over our fine city! Awesome! A lovely analogy to the duty and obligations of all council members!

    Thank you Sarah for getting this profile posted!

    Steve Parsons

  2. Joy says:

    My thought exactly, I was going to send Happy City an email about this splendid photo!

    And also thanks for getting us some election information, I was just thinking I needed to know how many at large candidates I could vote for, and who’s running in my ward. Hmm, now decisions, decisions!

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