Meet The Candidates: Ron Ellsworth for Councillor At Large

Meet Ron Ellsworth! He is running for Councillor at Large and lives in Ward 4.

I’m originally from Carmanville, NL, but moved to St. John’s in the late 80s where I met my wife, Paula, and we’ve had four children (and one grandchild). I completed the Business Management program at Keyin College after moving to St. John’s and have used those skills to start a number of businesses over the past 25 years. Beyond my work experience, I spend much of my time volunteering with many different community groups – this is what I find most rewarding and what I enjoy doing most. I’ve spent two previous terms on council and enjoyed that just as much, having the opportunity to serve the public and advancing many important causes.

We asked Ron why he decided to run for council again:

The short story: because experience matters. Our city has gone through substantial change in recent years and while this brings some new issues that the next council must address, many of the challenges we’ve been facing for years remain. We need councillors who already have a solid grasp on the core issues so that they can hit the ground running and make the most of the next four years. From snow clearing to affordable housing, urban planning to prudent fiscal management, the future of Mile One to considering a municipal police force – none of the matters facing the next council are simple. While we work towards improving all of those areas, we must do it by living within our means – we can’t ask you to pay more taxes. In my past experience on council, we made great strides in many of these areas and I gained a deeper understanding of what matters most to our residents. I want to continue to build on that progress to the benefit of all of our citizens.

If you would like to get in contact with Ron you can do so by email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or at his website.