Meet The Candidates: Ophelia Ravencroft for Ward 2

Meet Ophelia Ravencroft! She is running in Ward 2.

I moved to St. John’s in 2007–after growing up in Halifax–and have lived here ever since. Much of that time I have lived in Ward 2, where I live now and have a strong affinity and awareness to the issues and needs of my neighbours and community. On a personal level, I’m a horror movie fanatic, metalhead, heavy reader, and proud Goth woman.

We asked Ophelia why she decided to run:

I ran in 2020 because I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to navigate our city, and it’s a priority for me to remove the ostracising, marginalising barriers that make it so. I want to work collectively in creating a city where we take care of each other and show everyone dignity and respect. Running in 2021, and building off the momentum of the by-election was key for me, especially knowing that most of my platform is just as relevant now. As a pedestrian, user of public transit, and a person with marginalized intersecting identities, issues like mobility justice, affordable housing, food security, and snow clearing impact my daily life just as they do so many people in our community. After years of frustration with the inaction and apathy that exists within government systems, running gave me the chance to prioritise and fix those problems. Last year, listening to so many passionate constituents on the campaign trail tell me how they felt disenfranchised and unheard, reinforced for me that we need a truly new approach to governance – one that ensures our actions properly represent and empower all citizens. In part, that means ensuring that the diversity of experiences present in our citizenry is reflected in our elected officials. I’ve spent my whole life seeing no-one who shares my experiences, or who reflects parts of my identity, in government, and I’m running to change that. It’s time to make inclusive changes–it’s time to Transform Your City.

If you would like to get in touch with Ophelia you can do so by email, or via her website, Twitter and Facebook