Meet The Candidates: Derek Winsor For Ward 2

Meet Derek Winsor! He is running in Ward 2.

I am the owner of E and B Travel Service, Married to Michelle, daughters Becky, Erin and Grandson Cole. Former Trustee of Easter School District, Member of Rotary Club, Masonic Lodge Avalon #2. I volunteer for a number of sport teams as coach and for Junior Achievement for the grade 5 and 6 business program. I live in Ward 2 and I have lived in different parts of the ward for more than 50 years.

We asked Derek why he decided to run for council:

I decided to run because I believe this Ward has not been represented for almost 8 years. I am concern about the spending and if we are spending effectively and wisely. I am concern we are losing the historic feel of the downtown but at the same time ensure the city provide all the modern services people have come to expect. I believe I have a great deal of personal experience to bring to the council chamber. I want to see more open and engaging with all the residents. Snow clearing is always an issue and how do we work with businesses and residents to help make this work.

If you would like to get in contact with Derek, you can do so by: