Meet The Candidates: Debbie Hanlon for At Large

Meet Debbie Hanlon! She is running for re-election for Councillor At Large.

My name is Debbie Hanlon. I am an active community member, a mom and grandmother. I am a real estate broker, a children’s book author, Taekwondo instructor, a regular columnist for local, national and international real estate journals and a sought-after speaker and presenter.

I was first elected to St. John’s City Council in 2008 as the Ward 4 Councillor in a by-election; and was then re-elected to this position for the following term (2009 – 2013). Since 2017, I have served as a Councillor at Large for the Capital City.

I have had the privilege of serving on a variety of municipal committees including the Economic Development and Tourism Committee, Downtown St. John’s Committee, the Arts Advisory Committee, the City’s Strategic Economic Roadmap Committee, the Audit Committee, and seniors’ committees and other various boards. I was appointed to lead portfolios that included: Transportation, Tourism and Culture and the City’s new Immigration Committee.

I believe strongly in the value of teamwork, in creating action steps to make things happen, and have always been a person who speaks up on issues that are important to me and to members of the community. I have a longstanding passion for the people and places in our City, and am honored to have had the opportunity to serve on different city councils.

We asked Debbie why she decided to run again:

I love this city. I really do. It has such a rich cultural tapestry that is brimming with vibrant and colorful people.

While I certainly value and encourage fresh opinions and new energy, I think that for City Council to be most effective, there needs to be representation that includes people with different life experiences.

While I am an active, successful business person, I have a great deal of energy and passion for the many responsibilities that come with being a city councillor. I have enjoyed all of the committees that I have been part of. I feel that the current Council has worked well together and made some important decisions that have improved things for residents, but feel that there is still a lot of meaningful work to do. I look forward to continued involvement in municipal governance, and am passionate about many things including: Immigration, Support for Seniors, Heritage, and Continued Development.

I am so happy for the opportunity to serve this city. It has been a very challenging time for everyone in our province and around the world, and it is extremely uplifting to see how we have come together on council and as a community time-and-time again. I am delighted to see the City safely re-opening to the world, and look forward to us moving forward together and supporting our entire community!

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