Meet The Candidates: Carl Ridgeley, Ward 5

Welcome to the very first installment of Happy City’s St. John’s Votes – Meet The Candidates! We are pleased today to introduce you to Carl Ridgeley, who is running for Ward 5 Councillor.

Carl has been a resident of Ward 5 for 54 years!

I am a Red Seal Electrician, and it would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your councillor. My knowledge, skills and attitude make me a worthy candidate to be a strong voice. 18 years of service with Goulds Volunteer Fire Department, 13 years coach with Goulds Minor Hockey and assisted with first sledge hockey program in the City.

We asked Carl why he decided to run.

Since announcing my candidacy, I am often asked why now? The simple answer: timing. At this point in my life, I have the time, energy experience, and commitment to serve Ward 5 with an effective unbiased voice. I believe in accountability, transparency and doing a great job.

If you would like to get in touch with Carl, you can do so by email or through his Facebook page.

1 thought on “Meet The Candidates: Carl Ridgeley, Ward 5

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Carl

    Your wife knocked on my door in the Golulds last week. I am seriously considering voting for you. I have one major concern being a retiree and that concerns increased municipal taxes. I gather we are expected to accept tax increases in the new year. My question is why should St John’s with a population of a little over 100 thousand have a poet laureate and a tree aborist? Why is so much spent on arts with the Goulds sewage being untreated. There are so many more practical things that taxes can be spent on.

    I would appreciate your views on this.



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