Meet The Candidates: Anne Malone, Councillor at Large

Meet Anne Malone! She is running for Councillor at Large.

I am a Disability Rights activist who has lived in the greater downtown area of St. John’s for most of my life.

For many years, I worked in administraive roles at various local arts organizations including Eastern Edge Gallery, St. Michael’s Printshop, Neighbourhood Dance Works, and the Craft Council NL. In 2008 I experienced severe and permanent sight loss, and now navigate the city with my Guide Dog Cheryl.

I am a member of the Social Justice Co-op NL, where I engage in work related to accessiblity, poverty elimination, and green, sustainable communities and economies. I am allied with the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities, and am dedicated to helping to create an equitable, caring city that reflects and celebrates the diversity of its people.

We asked Anne why she decided to run:

As I reflect on the able, racial, cultural, and generational diversity of our city in contrast to the predictable, homogenous identities of most of our poiitical leaders, I believe it is imperative that the lived experience of all marginalized minorities are not merely desirable, they are imperative to the realization of a just and caring community.

As a woman with a disablity, I bring a perspective and qualities to the forefront that have been conspicuously absent at City Hall. I bleieve that,  in addition to fiscal responsibility, good governance requires diverse representation, lived experience, empathy, and a commitment to equality and justice for all residents of our city.

If you would like to get in touch with Anne, you can do so by email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or at her website.