How To Register & Vote

Residents of St. John’s who are Canadian citizens, 18 or older and who have ordinary residence at least 30 days before the election on September 28, 2021 are eligible to vote. There are approximately 70,000 eligible voters in St. John’s.

Voter’s Guide to St. John’s Municipal Election
Voters are encouraged to refer to the City of St. John’s Voter’s Guide to St. John’s Municipal Election .


The City of St. John’s uses a vote-by-mail kit. You do not vote in person, however, you can drop your ballot off at various locations around the City up until 8M on election night.

Voters List
The City receives the Voters List from Election NL. Voters who are on the list will receive a vote by mail kit in September during the election periodautomatically . Do not assume you are on the list because you voted in a previous election!

You can ensure they are on the voters list and receive a vote by mail kit automatically by:

  1. Checking the Voter Registration Portal to ensure you are listed, and if not, register to vote.
  2. Calling 311 or 754-CITY (2489) for assistance.
  3. Visiting Access St. John’s, located on the main floor of City Hall at 10 New Gower Street with acceptable identification.

Make your Vote Count

  1. Sign and detach your voter declaration form at the bottom of the instruction sheet.
  2. Complete your ballot by voting for:
    • 1 Mayor
    • 1 Deputy mayor
    • 1 Ward Councillor
    • Up to 4 At Large Councillors
  3. Refold your ballot, place it inside the white secrecy envelope and seal it.
  4. Place the sealed secrecy envelope and the signed voter declaration inside the yellow return envelope and seal it.
  5. Return it to the City of St. John’s in 1 of 3 ways:
    • Drop it into any Canada Post mailbox by Thursday, September 23
    • Drop it inside the ballot box located outside City Hall up to 8:00 pm on Election Day, September 28
    • Drop it off at a Satellite Drop off Centre in your ward on Election Day only from 8am – 8pm